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We’re asking employers to commit to giving workers rights which are fair, clear, understood and enforced. We are campaigning to make this PLEDGE a reality.

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My Frat Brother’s Mom Sex Clips

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the TV screen where Marty, my best friend and fraternity house roommate, was getting a slutty blow job from his beautiful mother. The camera positioned between Marty’s wide-spread legs gave me a perfect

Employees need a workplace pledge Letter to the Guardian

Seumus Milne (Austerity has clearly failed, 20 November) rightly points out the destructive economic and social effects of an insecure workforce, through zero-hours contracts, the exploitation of migrant workers and the lack of secure and stable jobs. The workplace relationship needs to be rebalanced, so that everyone at work is treated with dignity and respect, [...]

An anti-worker government in a climate of insecurity

Stephen Cavalier, chief executive of Thompsons Solicitors On Tuesday the Workplace Pledge was launched in parliament. Joined by activists, trade-unionists and politicians, the panel of speakers included associate editor of the Daily Mirror Kevin Maguire, shadow Wales secretary Owen Smith, former general secretary of the TUC Lord John Monks, and trade unionist and Labour parliamentary [...]

British workers are trapped in a climate of insecurity, writes Stephen Cavalier

The coalition government is hacking away at vital legal protections set in place to protect workers and hold employers to account. Set against a backdrop of declining wages, rising use of zero hours contracts and the increasing cost of living, its no surprise that too many workers feel disempowered, disenchanted and disengaged. It is workers [...]

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